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LONDON: Jordanians can now apply electronically for travel visas to enter the UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said.

“Britain yesterday officially informed the kingdom that Jordanian citizens can apply for an entry visa to its lands electronically, as of Feb 1, 2024,” the Petra news agency cited the ministry as saying on Friday.

The new visas will be issued from Feb. 22, so anyone wishing to travel to the UK before then should apply in the traditional way.

“The electronic travel visa is valid for two years, as long as the passport is valid. If the passport is changed or renewed, the visa application must be resubmitted,” the report said.

“This step comes as a result of joint effort and coordination, deep friendly relations between the two countries, and close cooperation in various political, economic and security fields,” the ministry said, adding that the move would “encourage tourism and investment.”

Jordan and Gulf Cooperation Council countries are among the first to benefit from the UK’s Electronic Travel Authorization scheme, which was opened up to Qatari nationals in October.

The program will be rolled out around the world later this year in a bid to ensure visitors to the UK benefit from “smooth and efficient travel,” the Home Office said earlier.

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday that its citizens could also now apply for UK travel visas electronically.

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