Saudi project clears 768 Houthi mines in Yemen News

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Project Masam cleared 768 mines in Yemen — which had been planted by the Houthi militia — between Feb. 10 and 16. Overseen by the Kingdom’s aid agency KSrelief, the project’s special teams destroyed 654 items of unexploded ordnance, 112 anti-tank mines, and two anti-personnel mines. The explosives, which were planted indiscriminately … Read more

Russia and China clash with US and UK at UN over attacks on Yemen rebels for strikes on Red Sea ships News

WASHINGTON: The United States on Wednesday rebuked Israel for demolishing the home of a Palestinian activist in east Jerusalem, saying its ally was damaging its own standing.The unusually forceful US condemnation of Israeli actions came hours after Fakhri Abu Diab, a campaigner against demolitions, said that dozens of Israeli personnel tore down his home of … Read more

US, UK carry out fresh strikes on Houthi-controlled Hodeidah province in Yemen News

BEIRUT: Hostilities between Hezbollah and the Israeli military continued on Tuesday, with the two sides expanding the scope of their targets. Hezbollah is reported to have carried out an attack on an Israeli police building in the Kiryat Shmona settlement. The head of the local authority there said: “Some rockets fell without the sirens sounding.” … Read more

Saudi Arabia deposits second $250m tranche of grant for Yemen News

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s Visual Arts Commission launched “AlHasa Hassana,” a photography exhibition curated by Mohamed Somji, at Hayy Jameel in Jeddah on Sunday. The exhibition, showcasing winning entrants to the Kingdom Photography Award, as well as newly commissioned pieces by professional photographers, runs from Feb. 11 to March 2. For the second consecutive year, professional photographers from … Read more

US destroys Houthi boats, cruise missiles in Yemen News

BEIRUT: The Israeli army expanded operations against Hezbollah and its allies deep into Lebanese territory on Saturday. Israeli drone strikes hit a car and motorcycle south of Beirut, killing a Syrian and a Lebanese national, and wounding a Palestinian. Wajih Khalil Fares, a vegetable vendor from the town of Aitaroun, was killed while attempting to … Read more

Defense minister reiterates Saudi commitment to achieving political solution in Yemen News

Ali Al-Hazmi was elected to the board of directors of the Saudi Journalists Association on Jan. 28. The Saudi Journalists Association, established in 2003, is a licensed civil society body and serves as an umbrella entity for the nation’s media professionals. Al-Hazmi has extensive experience in electronic journalism, media tracks, Saudi journalism, media technologies, and … Read more

Italy to become target if it joins attacks against Yemen, threatens Houthi leader News

A year after Syria’s deadly earthquake, orphaned children adjust to the loss bit by bit IDLIB: Aya Al-Sudani, a bubbly toddler with a toothy smile, will mark her first birthday on Tuesday, but there will be no celebration with cake and presents. The day also marks a dark memory.On Feb. 6, 2023, a massive earthquake … Read more

Houthis vow response after US, UK strike dozens of Yemen targets News

NAHAL OZ, Israel: Israeli forces in Gaza have systematically destroyed buildings in an attempt to create a buffer zone inside the Palestinian territory, experts and rights groups told AFP, raising fears over the civilian cost.The plan, not publicly confirmed by Israel, appears to entail taking a significant chunk of territory out of the already tiny … Read more

US, Britain wage strikes against Iran-linked Houthis in Yemen News

WASHINGTON: The United States launched a series of strikes against targets in Yemen on Saturday, three US officials told Reuters, in what appeared to be a second day of major operations against Iran-linked targets following a deadly attack on American troops last weekend. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not provide further … Read more