Djibouti committed to working with Saudi Arabia on Red Sea maritime security, fighting terrorism: president News

RIYADH: The inaugural Space Debris Conference, themed “Towards Securing the Future of the Global Space Economy,” kicked off in Riyadh on Sunday. In attendance was Abdullah Al-Swaha, minister of communications and information technology and chairman of the Saudi Space Agency, and Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi, CEO of the Saudi Space Agency. The two-day conference brought together … Read more

Putin says Russia is working to free hostages in Gaza conflict News

How the Israeli military’s destruction of Gaza’s schools and universities is creating a lost generation LONDON: Children and young people who survive Israel’s military campaign in Gaza stand little chance of receiving a proper education as the destruction wrought on the Palestinian enclave reduces its schools, colleges and universities to rubble. Al-Israa was the last … Read more

Egypt working to secure discounted food products for Ramadan News

GAZA: Deadly strikes were reported early Saturday in the overcrowded Gaza border town of Rafah — dubbed a “pressure cooker of despair” by the UN — as international mediators readied a new push to seal a tentative truce deal between Israel and Hamas.Hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians have fled south to Rafah since the … Read more

Ukraine working ‘intensively’ to restore air travel News

KYIV: Ukraine is working “intensively” with partners to restore air travel suspended for nearly two years, with the main focus on Boryspil International Airport outside the capital Kyiv, a presidential official said on Thursday. Ukraine’s airspace was abruptly closed by Russia’s invasion in February 2022 due to the security risk for civil aviation and anyone … Read more

Saudi Transport General Authority approves conditions for international classification bodies working in Kingdom News

RIYADH: The Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission announced on Friday the first grand opera to be produced by the Kingdom — the world’s largest grand Arabic opera — which is to be performed by international stars and locally trained talents. The groundbreaking production, called “Zarqa Al-Yamama,” will debut in April in Riyadh and run … Read more

How is the Gaza war working out for Israel? News

LONDON: It is now 10 weeks since the Israel Defense Forces mounted their first raids against Gaza in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel. “We are striking our enemies with unprecedented might,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israelis in a televised address on Friday, Oct. 13. However, things quickly began … Read more