Top UN court rejects S.Africa request for more Gaza measures News

JAKARTA: On course to win Indonesia’s presidential election by a wide margin, Prabowo Subianto faces the task of balancing the resource-rich archipelago’s relations with the US and China, among other challenges.Here is what his presidency will mean for Indonesia’s allies around the world:Prabowo will have to balance relations with two global powers as the US … Read more

Egypt rejects Israel’s planned Rafah assault News

WHO chief reiterates call for Gaza ceasefire, says medical aid to enclave ‘drop in the ocean’ LONDON: The head of the World Health Organization said on Monday the humanitarian situation in Gaza was dire, adding that current levels of medical supplies reaching the Palestinian enclave were “only a drop in the ocean of need.” Tedros … Read more

Appeals court rejects Trump claim of immunity from prosecution News

In Pakistan’s Gujrat, two Chaudhrys in bare-knuckle election fight after family feud  GUJRAT: In Pakistan, bitter electoral contests between blood relatives, fellow tribesmen and traditional rivals are the hallmark of any election. But this election season, all eyes are on a bare-knuckle battle between two stalwarts of the powerful and hard-nosed Chaudhry clan, an influential … Read more

Egypt rejects Israeli claim of weapon smuggling into Gaza News

DUBAI: The UAE is set to host the World Government Summit next month to help states develop proactive solutions for future challenges, it was announced on Tuesday. The 11th edition of the summit, which runs Feb. 12-14, will bring together more than 4,000 delegates, representatives of international organizations, thought leaders, and private sector leaders from … Read more

Sudan government rejects East African bloc’s mediation move News

LONDON: Israel is sending mixed messages, announcing on the one hand that it is withdrawing some forces from Gaza, while also indicating the war will continue for many months, with a shift to more targeted operations and preparations for a full-scale conflict with Hezbollah. Commentators are divided over the rationale behind the purported drawdown and the … Read more