Biden blames lawmakers’ ‘inaction’ for fall of Ukrainian city News

PRETORIA: The liberal Democratic Alliance, fighting to keep its place as South Africa’s official opposition party, was to launch its electoral campaign on Saturday ahead of a hotly contested vote. In the capital Pretoria the party led a march from the center city to the seat of government, the Union Buildings. Under the scorching sun, streets … Read more

US plans to send weapons to Israel even as Biden pushes for ceasefire, WSJ reports News

MUNICH: Tech giants including Meta, Microsoft and TikTok signed a pledge Friday to crack down on AI content intended to deceive voters ahead of crucial elections around the world this year. The accord commits the companies including Google and OpenAI to develop ways to identify, label and control AI-generated images, videos and audio that aim … Read more

Biden again tells Netanyahu that Rafah civilians must be protected News

Libyan leaders entrenched in the status quo and it ‘seems to suit them,’ UN says NEW YORK CITY: Thirteen years after the revolution that toppled Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, Libya continues to grapple with political turmoil and the elusive quest for sustainable peace and democracy, the UN’s special envoy to the country said on Thursday. Abdoulaye … Read more

Biden blocks deportation of Palestinians in US, citing conditions in Gaza News

CHICAGO: The board of trustees of Bolingbrook, a village in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, has adopted a resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The mayor of Bolingbrook, which with a population of 73,755 is the 16th-largest population center in Illinois, is Egyptian American Mary Alexander-Basta, who has held the office since August … Read more

Putin says Russia prefers Biden to Trump because he’s ‘more experienced and predictable’ News

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden has signed an order shielding Palestinians in the United States from deportation for the next 18 months, the White House said on Wednesday, citing deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip. The move grants “deferred enforced departure” to an estimated 6,000 Palestinians, a Biden administration official said.In a statement, White House … Read more

Biden blasts Trump’s ‘dumb’ and ‘dangerous’ NATO threats News

WASHINGTON: Republicans impeached US President Joe Biden’s immigration chief on Tuesday, the culmination of months of attacks on the Democratic administration as they seek to make border security a key issue in November’s election.Conservatives in the House of Representatives, which is narrowly controlled by Republicans, blame Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for a surge in … Read more

Jordan king urges ‘lasting’ Gaza ceasefire in talks with Biden News

WASHINGTON: Jordan’s King Abdullah II appealed for a full ceasefire to end the war in Gaza after talks with Joe Biden, striking a discordant note with the US president who is seeking a shorter six-week pause to allow Israel time to defeat Hamas. Speaking at the White House with Abdullah by his side, Biden said … Read more

Biden meets Jordan’s king, who wants Gaza ceasefire News

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden met Jordan’s King Abdullah at the White House on Monday, coming face-to-face with a longtime ally who has been vocal in calling for a Gaza ceasefire. Biden greeted the king warmly on arrival at the White House. The two leaders proceeded inside the residence for their discussions. They were to … Read more

Biden campaign joins TikTok in push for young voters News

Allies fear the US is becoming less reliable, with growing concern over a possible Trump return LONDON: As chances rise of a Joe Biden-Donald Trump rematch in the US presidential election, America’s allies are bracing for a bumpy ride.Many worry that a second term for Trump would be an earthquake, but tremors already abound — … Read more

Biden urged Israel’s Netanyahu to protect civilians in Rafah, White House says News

GAZA STRIP, Palestinian Territories: Hamas warned Israel on Sunday that a ground offensive in Rafah, crowded with displaced Gazans, would imperil future hostage releases, while US President Joe Biden urged the protection of civilians in the besieged territory.Foreign governments, including Israel’s key ally the United States, and aid groups have voiced deep concern over Israeli … Read more