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Saudi ministry and UK National Archives team up to document Kingdom’s cultural heritage

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and the British National Archives have agreed to collaborate on an executive program for the digitization of cultural records in the Kingdom, in line with established international specifications and standards.

The agreement was signed by Raed Al-Sufyani, director general of Research and Cultural Studies at the Ministry of Culture, and Jeff James, the CEO and keeper of the British National Archives. It comes within the framework of a wider agreement between the Saudi ministry and its UK counterpart, the Ministry of Digitization, Culture, Media and Sport.

Specialists from the two countries in various fields will work together on the program to build a digital archive and set up a framework for financing research projects and studies of Saudi culture and related topics. They will also assemble an inventory of the information about the history and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia that is contained in records within the British National Archives and other such databases in the UK.

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