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JEDDAH: The winners of the second Kingdom Photography Award were announced at a ceremony in Jeddah on Sunday held by the Visual Arts Commission, part of the Ministry of Culture.

Winners were chosen from a group of aspiring and seasoned photographers who submitted a series of images reflecting the theme “We Tell Stories.”

After an assessment by a panel of local and international experts, five entries were selected for showcasing the beauty, diversity and distinctive perspectives of Saudi Arabia.

Each winning artist received a cash prize and vouchers valued at SR40,000 ($10,600).

The winners and their respective works were Abdullah Al-Shaikh’s “I’m from this Land” series, depicting the Al-Ahsa Oasis; Amnah Al-Haik’s “The Women from Al-Qatif” series, capturing urban life in Qatif; Nather Al-Syf’s “Ibrahim Almilad — Life in Colors” series, showcasing the life of an artist in Qatif; Mohammed Al-Jerabi’s “Saudi Symphony” series, reflecting the fusion of time and art in Riyadh; and Zuhair Al-Traifi’s “Ain Al-Jawhariya (Al-Jawhariya Spring)” series, capturing the essence of a historic spring in Al-Ahsa.

Congratulating the winners, Dina Amin, CEO of the Visual Arts Commission, said: “We are thrilled to unveil the remarkable narratives captured by the winners of the Kingdom Photography Award. These visual storytellers skillfully depict the essence of Saudi Arabia, with each series telling a unique tale.

“The exceptional artworks presented through the award demonstrate the importance of such initiatives in providing a unique platform for discovering new talent and growing the visual arts sector in the Kingdom.”

Antonia Carver, director of Art Jameel, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture and the Visual Arts Commission to host the Kingdom Photography Award at Hayy Jameel, and to have the opportunity to feature and work with such dynamic photographers and curators.

“As Jeddah’s home for the arts, Hayy Jameel nurtures the broadest community of creatives. We have long had a special mandate to support the active photography community in Saudi Arabia, and look forward to opening our space for makers and image-makers, including a specialist darkroom, at Hayy Jameel this year. We thank the commission and our collaborators, and wider community for their constant support and spirit of collaboration.”

The winning artworks will be displayed alongside the work of professional photographers at “Al-Hasa Hassana,” an exhibition held at Hayy Jameel in Jeddah until March 2.

The exhibition, open to the public with free admission, is a celebration of visual storytelling that showcases a diverse array of narratives captured by talented photographers in Saudi Arabia.

A series of activities will accompany the exhibition, including panel talks and hands-on workshops.

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