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Saudi Media Forum embodies ambitious vision for enhancement and development, experts say

RIYADH: Media experts have stressed the importance of the third Saudi Media Forum, which will be launched in Riyadh on Feb. 19.

The forum embodies an ambitious vision to continue strengthening and developing the media sector in the Kingdom.

The forum will include a range of topics related to the sector’s growth and future, covering areas such as visual, audio, print and digital mediums. It will also discuss the media’s role in society, politics and the economy on a global scale.

Dedicated to promoting growth in the Saudi media sector, the event explores the industry’s recent advances in a fast-paced global environment.

According to Jamal Al-Kashki, editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram Al-Arabi magazine, “the forum has become a platform that brings together senior media professionals from various countries of the world to discuss pivotal issues related to the media industry, keeping pace with updates and addressing the human impact in the fields of communication revolution, digitization, artificial intelligence and the use of rapid broadcasting via satellites in an era that constantly produces information.”

The former president of the Bahraini Journalists Association, Ahdiya Ahmed, said that the Saudi Media Forum continued to take the lead in discussing media issues.

She praised the significant evolution in Saudi media, competing with global stations and networks by offering distinguished content, and highlighted the efforts of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority and the Saudi Journalists Association in organizing the global event, reflecting an ambitious vision to enhance and develop the media sector in the  Kingdom.

Khaled Al-Adad, a writer for Al-Watan Newspaper, said that the Saudi Media Forum was a great opportunity for dialogue, discussion, expressing opinions and exchanging ideas about the present and future of Saudi media.

He said that this came at a time when Saudi media had taken unprecedented leaps, keeping pace with global media changes, excelling in its tools and mechanisms, and contributing to the widespread dissemination of its high-quality content.

Al-Adad said that the Ministry of Media had succeeded in creating a competitive environment in media work through the forum. This encouraged media institutions and professionals to deliver distinctive and high-quality work aligned with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

The Future of Media Exhibition and the Saudi Media Forum Award, which recognizes the valuable contributions of individuals to local and regional media, is running concurrently with the Saudi Media Forum.

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