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Ali Al-Hazmi was elected to the board of directors of the Saudi Journalists Association on Jan. 28.

The Saudi Journalists Association, established in 2003, is a licensed civil society body and serves as an umbrella entity for the nation’s media professionals.

Al-Hazmi has extensive experience in electronic journalism, media tracks, Saudi journalism, media technologies, and news media.

He founded Sabq electronic newspaper in 2007 and has served as its editor-in-chief since 2013.

Under his leadership Sabq has won several prestigious regional awards, including two in the “smart journalism” category of the Arab Journalism Award.

In addition to his responsibilities as editor-in-chief, Al-Hazmi’s duties include enhancing work mechanisms, and approving news and initiatives.

Additionally, he establishes and directs work teams within the newspaper, such as the international file team, to conduct investigations, produce specialized reports, and ensure real-time follow-up.

In 2016, Al-Hazmi chaired media work teams in entities such as the National Committee for Endowments at the Council of Saudi Chambers.

Al-Hazmi began his career by immersing himself in media work and benefiting from his administrative skills in various positions, including his technical supervision at Al-Wefaq electronic newspaper in 2003.

He served as the website supervisor for the Ministry of Education in Riyadh from 2002 to 2009 and for the Human Rights Conference in Riyadh in 2004.

In 2001, he served as the website supervisor for the Education Department in Sabya governorate, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hazmi holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from King Saud University in Riyadh.

He is also a member of the Saudi Media Association, and served as a jury member at the 2017 and 2020 Arab Journalism Awards.

Al-Hazmi participated in various training sessions and workshops, including those on data journalism in 2020, the role of data journalism in media coverage of natural disasters in 2023, and the utilization and integration of artificial intelligence in media in 2023.

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