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JEDDAH: Dakar Rally 2024 Saudi Arabia is nearing its highly anticipated start, with preparations entering their concluding phase.

Dakar Rally, recognized as the world’s biggest challenge in motorsports and the most challenging rally on the planet, is slated to begin in 15 days. The Kingdom will serve as the sole host from Jan. 5-19, for the fifth consecutive year.

Recently, there have been dedicated efforts to maintain the momentum of advanced preparations, ensuring that all logistical aspects are addressed to unveil an updated version of the prestigious rally and to demonstrate the Kingdom’s adeptness and potential to organize major international events.

Efforts are underway to apply the final touches to the course and fit it with the necessary technical equipment for timing measurements, checkpoint inspections, and the construction of the temporary bivouac accommodation camps in the early stages hosted by AlUla.

The 46th edition of the world’s most formidable rally attracts 778 participants representing 72 countries from around the globe, with France having the highest representation of participants at 163, followed by Spain with 119, and Italy with 72 across all categories of the rally. There are 135 newcomers competing in the race for the first time, along with 129 legends and 31 participants in the Original by Motul category. Additionally, 46 women are participating, 34 of whom are in the Dakar Classic category.

Audiences eagerly anticipate fierce competition across various categories, as all teams and participants continue their preparations to ignite the flame of competition and prepare to embark on an exciting adventure in the heart of the Saudi desert, challenging its hidden terrains and sand dunes.

This season’s rally unfolds across 12 main and one prologue stage, where drivers and vehicles alike will face a challenge of their endurance, the toughest in the world of motorsport. The race pushes participants to their physical and mental limits as they launch into their vehicles, challenging the various terrains of the Kingdom’s desert over a total distance exceeding 7,891 km, including 4,820 km of special stages subject to timing. The course traverses some of the most breathtaking natural scenery and historical sites the Kingdom has to offer.

In this year’s edition, competitors will set off with a prologue stage from the AlUla base camp, then proceed on a route that will take them through numerous cities within the Kingdom. The path for this year will navigate through destinations including Al-Henakiyah, Al-Duwadimi, Al-Salamiya, Al-Hofuf, Shubaytah, Riyadh, Hail and Yanbu.

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